Sunday, April 21, 2013

where might one live, in the u.s.a.?

assuming that even some of the global warming predictions come true... ocean-border states will go broke, and life in such a state will be chaotic.  northern states will (still) be unable to grow/sustain food (year-round).

a viable option is to find land-bordered state in the south, and to find a city (now) with a community that is far enough away from the city yet close to farming and close to clean water.

while everyone will be heading for the mountains, you might be able to make it (for awhile) in the foothills.  when you eliminate ocean states and cold states, and search for good-natured people, and search for water... here's what happens:

  • florida
  • georgia
  • alabama
  • mississippi
  • louisiana
  • texas
  • south carolina
  • north carolina
  • virginia
  • tennessee... 
    • chatanooga (i'm beginning to think that chatanooga is a place for now, and a place for the future).  let the job searches begin.
      • chatanooga has access to the mountains, and also to the gulf coast (while it is still there).  chatanooga is temperate, and tennessee is bordered by north carolina, virginia, georgia, alabama, mississippi, arkansas, missouri, and kentucky.
    • knoxville might also be worth a look.
on second thought, shouldn't someone (besides carnival) be building an ark?

* honorable mention: colorado (if you can grow your food, hydroponically).  colorado is progessive, and (once upon a time) tried to annex block island, rhode island, because the governor wanted to have "colorado lobster".  i'll be visiting ft. collins in june, so i'll check it out for us.

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