Wednesday, April 10, 2013

life is a show

george carlin once said something like:
'life is a freak show, and, in america, you've got a front row seat!'

allow me (or not) to rephrase:

life is a show.  
in human form, we've got a front row seat.
i used to think that, if reincarnation was true, 
i'd want to be reincarnated to another planet.  that's not true anymore.

this is where it's at.  yes, right here, and right now.
we've all got the opportunity to tap into sooooo much:
we can tap-in to the 3 year-old kid who can dance and smile, or

we can tap-in to explosions in boston; threats from north korea;
sinkholes that swallow you alive; global warming;
(you get the idea)

there are probably a lot more Good things happening out there (right now)
than bad things.

unfortunately, for an animal, we are cued-up to pay attention to the danger!
it. is. not. our. fault. that. our. neurophysiology. is. built. this. way.


wIe can change the rules.  wIe can focus on the Good.  wIe can acknowledge the beauty, the splendor, the Love, the fun, the nature, the Connections, the experiences...

wIe can tap-in... what wIe choose to tap into.

-the beginning.    

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