Sunday, March 3, 2013

the ghost in the machine

the ghost in the machine [1]
by eye i. I

holographic Universe
micro-scopic Dream
in it, people wonder why we’re here and what it means
in it, only memories of what we’ve touched and seen
in it, maybe wIe are just the ghost in the machine

  • wave forms of the present pass through receptors that provide us with the sense experience of space and time (touch, smell, hearing, sight, taste, and intuition).
  • intuition is akin to a sixth-sense that integrates all of the sense-able, sense-ory information that an individual is able to assimilate, in the present Now moment.
  • as wIe appear to pass from one dream-world to the next, our previous dreams tend to fade away, leaving us with the newer Dream and the newer ‘memories’.  the new Dream (of course) comes complete with some type of stimulation or drama.
  • this is why nobody’s world, anywhere/anytime is devoid of complications, challenges, and ‘good/bad’ scenarios.  there is no Perfect, Bliss-full world, b/c such an existence would be boring.
graphic by microsoft clipart.

[1] martino, j. (3.3-1.2013). book 77: lao j. onitram © 2013 by

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