Saturday, March 16, 2013

everyone is wicked

everyone is wicked [i] 
by g. reen 

everyone is wicked
everyone is green
everyone is mask-arrading, in this wicked dream

everyone is wicked
everyone is G∞d
everyone is Act-ing just exactly as we should

everyone is wicked
everyone can change
everyone is singing/dancing in this wicked Play
everyone is beautiful, and
everyone conflicted
everyone is very Good, and
everyone is wicked

* in the land of O[ur]z, each of us experiences the thrills, the chills, the agony, and the drama.

* each of us expresses character deviations that are part script, part ad-lib, and part ‘us’.

* there is no way to describe why an actor played a certain role in a certain way, and there would be little agreement as to what actually happened, on stage.

* but alas, after the Play is over… and after the story is told… All of the Actors meet onstage (the victims, the perpetrators, the good, the bad)… and they hold hands, and they laugh together, and they bow together, and they enjoy the afterparty.


every-body wicked
everyone is G∞d
every Actor acting just exactly as s/he should 

-the end?

* graphics from

[i] martino, j. (3.14-1.2013). book 77: lao j. onitram © 2013 by

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