Saturday, March 16, 2013

change & stable: One

One [1]
by c. hange & s. table

his daddy named him ‘stable’
her momma named her ‘change’
and little did they know about their wedding: pre-arranged

and long before they met (the art of blending had begun)
and little did they know the dance of two would become One

  • living things are guided by two forces: the tendency toward stability and the tendency toward change.
  • living things thrive by doing the same things, over and over – all the while learning how to make subtle adjustments (in the process of homeostasis).
  • living things cannot survive but by changing, constantly.
  • as complex living things, humans navigate the path of change, seeking to control that which is innate.
  • ‘the known’ feels good, it feels stable, it feels safe.  ...but stasis can also lead to stagnancy,  premature aging and lifelessness.
  • change feels exhilarating!  change is the breath of newness!  ...but change can also be rushed, it can be impatient, and it can be abrupt.  change can be painful.
  • maybe there is a way to embrace the change that is, while honoring the sameness that must be.
  • maybe the marriage of stable & change doesn’t have to seem strange.
  • maybe… the marriage of change & stable brings fresh options to the table.
  • maybe…

[1] martino, j. (3.11.2013). book 77: lao j. onitram © 2013 by

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