Thursday, March 7, 2013

boot camp

in my PSF 120 (group exercise instruction) class, health and fitness science students experience several 'micro-teaches' in order to prepare them for the culmination of the course.

the final project is to teach a 45-50 minute class that includes:
  • an introduction
  • a safety briefing
  • a warm-up segment
  • a cardio segment
  • a muscular strength and endurance segment
  • a cool-down segment
  • a minimum of one (at least 1) choreographed song
  • a summary/conclusion/feedback segment
this semester, our schedule is as follows:

Introduction to Boot Camp
with William Miller
Introduction to Kickboxing
with Daniel Fredell
Fitness Fusion with Amy King
Functional Training with Jerry Brown
Circuit Training with Ryan Mack
Sports Conditioning with J.T. Stillwell
Indoor Cycling with Leigh Tucker
Introduction to Myofascial Foam Rolling
with McKenzie Osborne
 Introduction to Yoga
with Darlene (Serena) Phillips
Introduction to Zumba
with Lisa Long

the pictures (below) are from our first class: 'boot camp' with 'sergeant' william miller
dude was gooooood! 

 the future of fitness & wellness: the class of 2014


  1. the introduction was gooood, safety briefing gooood, feed back segment gooood. gig for cool down. is that how it goes? claudia

  2. actually, the cool-down segment is at least as important as all of the other segments. :)