Wednesday, March 27, 2013

are wIe all (just) One?

  • is every-thing... One?
  • is every experience somehow intertwined?
  • do those who we Love/loathe/Love re-Turn again, in the process of Love... even though that process can seem quite the opposite, at times?
  • is it possible that the very, very worst of times are simply wIe, dancing (dance-sing), in a kind-of Play-like symphony?
  • can your most hated enemy be (in Reality) your most passionate Love-er?
  • does energy transcend life/time?
  • does energy re-Cycle?
  • have you ever met someone that you Loved/loathed immediately, for no apparent reason?
  • is life a dance of seasons?
  • is there a place (in the heart) that has no fear?  no fear of death?  no fear of rejection?  no fear of alone-ness... Be-Cause It Knows that It.Is.All-ready One?
  • is there a calmness, at the time of death/birth, when the dying re-Members that (in Truth) It.Is.All.About.Life?
  • are you I?
  • are wIe?
  • maybe, someday... we'll See. 
maybe, someday, you and me... wIe.

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