Sunday, February 17, 2013


alternative titles:

"no longer frosty"
"a few (less) good men"
"a few good snowmen"
"the (sn)Omen"
"you make me melt"
"ashes to ashes, and h2o to h2o"
"snow more man"
...and on and on and on...

in mt. holly, nc, the shelf-life of a snowman 
is short-lived.

in a world of  
"what have you done for me lately?"
...these s-no-more men have quickly become yesterday's news.

while that might sound cold... it's really not.

these guys have seen better days...
...or better hours.
they didn't even last a day.

the snowman (above) may have some kind short-man complex.  at a minimum, self-esteem issues.

the guy on the right appears to be suffering from (a) temperature.

below: it appears that we may have had a snow woman in the mix...
...but she and her hubby probably should have thought twice 
about warming-up to each other in the first place.

right and below: snow way back from this:
 below: one snowman who might actually make it.

above and below: "ouch"
and finally, my own back-deck snowman.  he's wearing a parsley hat,
and hoping that the jumping-jacks will help him sweat off a few inches.

the end?

---------------------------below: less than 10 hours ago--------------------------------


  1. Oh, Oh, Oh!!! Good one! Good one!!!

  2. it was a truly amazing trans-form-ation!