Friday, January 11, 2013

rest in Peace, sweet josie

josephine martineau (femino)
a.k.a. mom, grandma, "josephine!!", jo, josie, and on and on...
2.26.1931 - 1.11.2013
my goal, below, is to highlight some josi-themes, to bring back a few memories:

right: fun, play, Spirit!
above: smiles

below: multi-dimensional

right: anniversary celebrations

below: touch (arms around each other)
below: birthday celebrations

below: this is my family (i wonder/worry about their sanity)

arms around each other
below: with family/friends

above and below: arms around each other

kids: if you are a martineau or a femino, it's all about the kids
below: arms around each other

family, weddings, kids

above-left and below: dancing (jo LOVED dancing with al)

 above: family

below: arms around each other
above: adventure (and stability)

below: this is my family (i worry about their sanity)

this is our family (i worry about our sanity)

below: children
holding hands


above: children, grandchildren, great grandchildren

below: "the gift exchange"
family, religion, Spirit

left, and below:
momma's boy (always was, always will be)
hasta luego's (never goodbyes)

above: arms around each other

 below: kids, fun, arms around each other


above: fun/play
right: family, at the gift exchange
below: family, children

left: children, grand-children, great grandchildren
above: gift exchange
below: this is the martineau family (i truly wonder about their sanity) 

above: children

left: the gift exchange

below: children, family

left: family
above: arms around each other

left: family

below: fun, adventure
above and below: celebration

left and below:  
family, travel, adventure

left and below:
above: celebration
below: adventure
below: family
above left and below: family

along with 'celebration', we must not forget a trademark josphine trait:
the offering of food:

if pushing food was illegal, josie would have spent her entire adult life in jail.


above: family celebration (i worry about our sanity)

below: family (inside joke) mr. and mrs. alien martiano

right: not driving

below: family

above and below: arms around each other; dancing

below: church/religion, Spirit

below: arms around each other, family

left: family, fun, pictures/memories
above and left: celebrations
below: kids (kids who are quickly becoming men)
above and below: this is our family (at times, i question our sanity)
below: Union (one of the beautiful photographs of all time)
recurring josi-themes:

 fun, play,  
children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren,
Spirit (Union/Connection/
the gift exchange,
the offering of food,
touch (arms around each other),


hasta luego, mom.


  1. Will miss you very much Auntie. You had faith that could move mountains and divide oceans. A true woman of God you are and will always be. I will see you again for sure. I love you Auntie Joe. Rest in peace in Paradise.

  2. Miss you every day, Mom...♥