Thursday, January 17, 2013

dead sparrow

dead sparrow [i]
by al i. veforever

i picked-up a dead sparrow
i swear i saw her move
i think that (maybe) sparrow had a little more to prove
she turned her head and looked at me, with softness in her eyes
and then she held my hand (so tight); so gentle, yet so wise

and with a look of sadness… (i wanted her to stay)
i opened up my heart (i smiled)
i let her fly away
and with a look of sadness (we all wanted her to stay)
we opened up our hearts (we smiled)
we waved goodbye, today

below: the birdhouse

* at donna & tom's house, small birds enjoy feeding at one of tom's backyard birdhouses.  the little chirpers are sometimes attacked by a hawk, and the fleeing birds have been known to fly into (uh, smash up against) the kitchen window while attempting to escape.   we heard the familiar ‘thump’ on the window, and several family members saw the hawk drop its prey onto the snow-covered deck, just in front of the sliding-glass door.

* a little sparrow lay still and lifeless, in the snow.  after a quick family discussion, we decided to leave her there… essentially allowing the hawk to come back and have “nature, take its course.”

* but something strange happened.  after what seemed like 15-20 minutes of freezing, face-down in the snow, i thought that her body had changed position... so i went outside and cupped her into my hands.

* she immediately sprang to life, but instead of trying to fly, she clutched onto my finger with her tiny little claws.  we took a few photos, and then brought her into the house so that tom could attempt to revive her.  he went to get a box, and the plan was to let her slowly regain some sense of consciousness.  i brought her over to dad, and he, visibly moved, petted her head, lovingly.  she seemed to get stronger!

* and when tom brought the box, and when i tried to lower her into it, she would not let go.   she was determined, powerful, and unyielding.

* donna could sense that this bird was ready to fly, and she mentioned something about the challenges associated with birds flying around inside of the house, so i walked outside, with a bird in the hand.

* with the family looking on in suspended disbelief, when i held my hand up toward the sky, she flapped her beautiful wings and flew away... upward, into the Heavens. 

-the beginning. 

* okay, so this is weird.  this morning, prior to boarding the plane, guess who decided to pay a little visit? 

on the floor, next to my backpack, at gate 16:

[i] martino, joal. (1.17-1.2013). book 77: jo/al. © 2013 by

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