Monday, November 12, 2012

months, weeks, minutes

months, weeks, minutes
by N. Ow...

* a few nights ago, jean and i watched the movie "the bucket list", which felt like a continuation of a surreal week of contemplation about what is important in life.

* in his book, "the seven habits of highly effective people", steven covey uses several techniques to help people determine their True priorities.  one of those techniques is to get in touch with your 'Higher Self' by 'writing your own eulogy' -- from the perspective of loved ones, friends, co-workers and neighbors.


* anthony robbins asks his students to write down what they would do (and with whom) if they only had:
  • six months to live
  • one week to live
  • six minutes to live

"take a moment to write down what would you save/rescue, 
if your house was burning down, 
and if you only had a few minutes..."

during the past week, a couple of things became painstakingly apparent:

1. we can go through life without ever re-cognizing how much good that we've done, and how many lives that we've touched in a positive way.

2. we can touch lives in a positive way in just a few minutes... with a heartfelt hug, a personalized note, an attentive ear, or a positive message.

the little things in life -- like simple demonstrations of love -- are, in actuality, the Big things. if willy could have re-written a book, he would have entitled it:

"don't sweat the small stuff (and it's all small stuff)... 
except for when it's the Big stuff."

Love. Family. Friendship. Happiness.
there's never a time like Now to tap into what's really, really, Really important.
hasta luego, willy.

-the beginning.

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