Monday, November 5, 2012


in honor of one of the best young-hearted men that one could ever know... a consummate husband, a dedicated, loving father and a dear, dear best friend.

mike (willy),
we Love you








dear mike,
we miss you.  you will All-ways be alive in our memories...

your incredible bear hugs,
your smile,
your Love,
your way of living...

here's to the one and only  
willy n' judy and kelly and abby...
as One.


  1. I'm not sure why it is, but I get the gist of the outcome. I'm sorry for your loss, Lenny. I only met Willy a couple of times, but he seemed like a top bloke. claudia.

  2. the man was/is second to none, in my eyes. claude, we have been veeeeeeeery lucky to have experienced some very fun, passionate, outstanding humans.
    :) len