Friday, September 14, 2012

Wholly cow

Wholly cow
by j. martino

Peace Is Whole (while pieces serve to separate [a-vow])
here we sit (at piece) while milking holy, holy cow

  • while a Holistic approach (to medicine?) might view the human body as Whole, at One with it’s env-I-ronment, at Peace withIn it’s Uni-verse…
  •  a ‘piece-meal’ approach might interpret the Whole scene from a very different perspective.
  • ‘Whole-Is-tic’Knows that wIe are All-ready Whole.  It man-i-fests (here, I’mmaterial) as preventative medicine, as cooperation, as synchronicity, as Harmony, as One-ness.
  • ‘mini-me’ (manifests here, i’m-material), as ‘us vs. them’, as ‘i, matter’, and as i’m going to get to heaven, while others might not.
  • mini-me sees himself as a piece, a-part from his creator.  capable of living and dying.  capable of winning and losing.   when separation is the perspective, medical systems focus on ‘pieces’ of you and i -- making it easy(errr) for them to cut us open, to remove, to alter, and to bypass.
  • a mini-me medical system prides itself on keeping people alive… as if you-man Be-ings were somehow separate from their Destiny: Eternal Love, the True Essence of Life It-Self.
  • a mini-me medical system, while doing the very best that it can, contributes to the silly notion that life on planet earth needs to be preserved, elongated, extended – via any means possible… even if the process further reduces the Person to he/r ego-ic self: a-part, apprehensive, afraid and alone.
  • a mini-me medical system might make the mistake of convincing itself (and others) that the goal is for the human-being to avoid the reUnion.  would you attempt to delay someone from his/her family reUnion?  many current-day medical professionals would convince us to do just that.
  • when the belief is that ‘man’ is somehow ‘separate’ from Spirit, it is easy to attempt to preserve life – as if we need to ‘do’ something here… in order to get some ultimate prize that we are (somehow) separate from.
  • a system of separation and differentiation sees a cow as ‘parts’ – flank, filet, protein, milk, calcium, etc., apart from It-Self… while a Holistic approach would view the cow as a part of an intricate system of In-ter planetary Life: Whole, Alive, a part of (as opposed to apart from).

‘Wholly cow’ is an attempt to envision a Uni-verse of Love, man-i-fest as apparently separate pieces.

‘Wholly cow’ is an attempt to understand death, and to get some kind of grip on the ‘why’ good people die.

‘Wholly cow’ is a musing, a song, a ‘why don’t we All just get along?’

‘Wholly cow’ is a stab at Now,

It is not a vow,
It’s Wholly, cow

sidenote: while it might be easy for ego to view this piece as heart-less... believe me, it is exactly the opposite. it would also be a mistake to encourage a family to let a loved-one die.  what 'Wholly cow' is, is simply a re-mind-errr... if only to me, that there are systems in place that might convince us (self included, of Course) to keep someone in the equivalent of earth-bound hell, while Heaven is but a breath a-Way.

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