Tuesday, September 4, 2012

wakulla river

the wakulla river (just south of tallahassee, fl.) is an amazing kayak trip.  if you paddle upstream for an hour or so (against a strong current), you get to float back to your launch point, lazing in the florida sun.

on this particular trip, there were (the usual) 10,000 turtles and numerous alligators... but the highlight was an encounter with (what appeared to be) a red rat snake.

below, check out the fun pictures (and be sure to click on the short video clips):

left: the gorgeous wakulla river, down by the launch point at the hideaway.

below: sun turtles

left: a turtle gets caught in a tree stump.  by the time i got over there to help him out, he was so scared that he rescued himself.

below: a partially submerged rat snake.

left: the snake's head is to the right, looking up.  i got within a couple of feet but he woke up and darted toward the woods.

below, video: the sound of a boat (in the background) doesn't scare this turtle:
below: what's that, on the log just past that bush?
"alligator on the left!"
above: cute little guy (4-5 footer)

left: a tiny baby turtle.

below, video: "turtle family"

below, video: "wally gator?"
he actually swam out of the water, then slopped up onto the riverbank 
and sank his left hind leg into the thick mud.
he had lots of teeth, but "no toofbush to brush dem wif"

there were gators swimming in the water, reports of a manatee sighting, and plenty of boaters and kayakers, just enjoying the day.
 above: the road less traveled.


  1. I miss the spring fed rivers of florida. sigh. claude

  2. hi, claudia! i miss them too! that's why (instead of driving north [to charlotte and home]) my car traveled south of tally, to the rivahhhh.

    too bad the snake wasn't captured on film. the day of creatures brought back memories of your place at byron bay!