Friday, September 28, 2012

given the choice...

given the choice …
by j. martino

  • i could choose to eat food that is young, juicy and warm (and a body that is young, juicy and warm) or i can choose old, dry, and cold.
  • i could choose to move my joints in a free-flowing manner, through their full range of motion (and experience a body that is free, flexible, and fun), or i can choose immobility, stag-nation, and restriction.
  • i could choose to listen to Love-ing, kind, gentle, yet motivational media (and experience a mind that is able to Love, support, and motivate), or i can choose violence, anger, criticism, judgment, blame, shame, and hate.  the latter choice, of course, if that of fear.
  • i could choose to ‘shift thought’ to a more positive state (and experience a more positive earth-bound experience), or I can choose negativity, conflict, resistance, and pain.
  • i could choose to drink water (which comprises more than half of my body), or i could choose drinks that dehydrate me and dry me out… drinks that slow-down my metabolic processes and depress the very systems that are designed to help me enjoy a Joy-ous life.   i can choose toxicity.
  • i could choose to read books, articles, and essays that inSpire (thus nurturing my very Spirit), or i can choose that which is hurtful, painful, dark, and dreary.
  • i could choose to spend time with optimistic people who support, inSpire, laugh, and in-Joy (co-Connecting with their a-bun-Dance of energy), or i can spend my time with those who drag me down; with those who live for the cut-down comment; with those who are so self-loathing that their only escape is to re-cognize the mis-takes of others.
  • re-Cognizing the LOVE in ourselves and others is the essence of Namaste’.

given the choice… (every, single moment of every single day) allows us to pre-pave a future-path that literally defines itself, predicting its own future; setting-up its own experience; and influencing everyone and everything around itSelf.

-the beginning. 

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