Wednesday, August 29, 2012

lessons... from the hummingbird:

  • many birds may do battle over one specific feeder (even as others are available) -- simply because one bird considers the disputed feeder 'valuable'.
  • male/alpha will guard its own territory/feeder -- not even partaking in its nectar -- but just for the sake of power and control.

  • one bird will try to control more and more and more area/feeders, as if never, ever satisfied.  s/he will only back away from total dominance if/when it becomes exceedingly difficult to control everything.

  • size matters.
  • agility matters.

  • thirst/hunger matters: birds will become more and more aggressive (and willing to risk/fight) as they become more and more thirsty/hungry.  

  • (note: the next global war might [well] be over water)

  • 'alpha' doesn't always mean 'male'.

  • if the nectar is seriously tainted, no birds will pay any attention to the feeder.

  • short-term attraction relies (mostly) on appearance, while long-term attraction has to do with substance.
  •  where there are birds, there will (very likely) be bees.
  •  no bird is an island.  even the 'loner' bird is a social animal.
  • defense = attack... especially when both are extensions/children of fear.

  • sometimes, the little birdbrain will control the actions of the whole bird.

this whole essay might be for the birds.

  • fly, mate, nest, migrate.  
  • eat, compete, attack/retreat, repeat.
  • sharing happens (among friends).
  • friendship doesn't end.

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