Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Balance... Is

Balance... Is!
by ifee l. unbalanced

what is balance... but the harmonious interplay between two mutually oppositical (yet Connected) forces?

when one force (as it must) experiences a shift in energy (be it an increase or a decrease), the oppositical force begins immediate adjustment processes, which lead to a number of other energy shifts, leading to a number of other adjustment processes.  it's kind-of like flying a helicopter.

the Overall process is Homeostatic, while the scene might appear as if something out of a move-ie.

'balance' might be something to 'try to do', here, but Balance is an Is.

the Uni-Verse Is Balance, as wIe... the dynamic, changing, apparently out of balance, man-i-fest.

-the beginning___________________________________

* inspired by chapter 16: trees and light; in living energies by callum coats.

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