Sunday, July 22, 2012

revenge vs. forgiveness

'revenge' never, ever works (in the long term).  while we might get a temporary ego-rush as we 'right' a 'wrong', revenge never works (in the long term).  it's a momentary effort to feel better, leading to the inevitable, (event-u-all) feeling worse.

'forgiveness' (according to a course in miracles) is the highest form of Love that wIe can achieve, here on the physical plane of existence.  the premise of Forgiveness (with a Capital 'F') is that we purge our own bodymind of the negative thoughts surrounding a particular event.  it's not about 'forgiving' others, so much as re-Leasing the anger, judgment and fear from our own psyche.

...but (maybe) there's a higher vibration... and it is Known as Non-judgment.  if we don't judge, then we have no reason to ever 'forgive', because we never had any negative feelings (we never blamed) and, therefore, forgiveness is mute.

...yes, there's even a Higher vibration:


Love is the opposite of fear.  Love cannot be described, as It is nonconceptualizable Love can be felt, or Connected with, at times, but cannot be described or broken-down or understood.

...and that is okay.  why would the physical-mental bodymind, here in a dream, want to wake-up early into Spirit?  haven't we ever considered that Spirit might want to dream?  don't we know that the dream is not the reality?

when one can sit back and contemplate the feelings of revenge, and righteousness, and justice, and patriotism, and "we're number one!" (ism), and anger, and judgment, and blame, and shame, and criticism, and on and on and on... is just as easy (maybe easy-er???) to re-cognize the similarities, the Union, the Connectedness, the Wholeness, the Symbiosis, the Interdependence, the Harmony, the Sin-phony, and the Reality that it feels better when wIe get to an ocobodymingset of Nonjudgment -- Allow-ing, understand-ing, Namaste'-ing??? 

in a world of revenge vs. forgiveness, 
maybe there's a Higher vibration.
let's dabble in Nonjudgment (for a moment)...
let's see how It feels. 

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