Saturday, July 14, 2012

fowl play

alternative title: dance
is that a sun... or a moon?  

fowl play
by b. irdbrain

something is aflutter, here,
here in the light of day
sharing dance of sweet romance (a game of chance):
fowl play

* the back porch sanctuary set new records this morning:
- 7 hummingbird feeders
- a minimum of 5 (documented) chirpers in simultaneous dance... (doing a lot more chasing, chirping  and bumping than drinking)

* 'alpha red-neck' still rules the roost, posting up in his three favorite locations -- all of which allow for a command view of the battlefield.

* 'little red'-neck (a formerly skittish hummingbird) has become much more aggressive, challenging alpha's domain and even posting-up in alpha's absence.

* 'gracie', the gray-necked, slender alpha-female, has stepped-up her game.  she enjoys chasing (and being chased), sandwiched in-between sips of sweetness.

* '50 shades' (another grey-beard) has shown definite signs of multiple personality order: skittish at one moment and powerfully aggressive in the next.  a true psychotic.

* "love is in the air" (you might say...) as the chirping and dancing often culminates with two (or sometimes three?) hummers -- zooming away into the treeline.  what's going on in there?

* a newcomer to the group ('greenback') has made his presence known -- counterbalancing his small stature with speed, agility and audacity.

* like a protective mother, i yearn for the flitter-flatter of little wings (sometime in the future).  since every living thing  seeks survival/thrival via pro-creation and replication, it is quite possible that these playful creatures are in it for more than just the sugar.

-to be continued...

sun/moon: the video:
coming to a theater near you

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