Monday, June 11, 2012

under (dog)

and so, david defeats goliath (17-1; then 18-7), only to be placed into a pool of several other goliaths, one of which is a very, very powerful gator.

here's what "11" has to say (in the locker room):

"i don't think that there's any club i wanted to go [to omaha] more than this one.
because of (1) the kind of people you are, and the kind of leadership you've shown -- 
the way that you treated the fans that came out with their children --
just the classy way that you go about your life.
you make all of us coaches proud..."

"nobody does it better than y'all"

win or lose, these young men have already over-achieved.

they do need to work on their dog-piling skills, however:
team captain james ramsey is something special. ..notice how he honors someone else being named as the tournament m.v.p.

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