Friday, June 8, 2012

jimmy buffett, in charlotte

as always... the tailgate, the pink flamingos, the line-dancing, the ticket-scalping, the beach balls, the re-sets, and the fins.


you can't have a party (south of the mason-dixon line) without line-dancing.

yes, that's a personal port-a-potty, adorned with hula skirts.
'nuff said.

right: which way to the concert?

below: scalping 101
you know the deal: the sign was good for tix for $25

below: dustin inflates a pink flamingo.

the beach balls
 the band hits the stage


fun on the grass, at the amphitheater!
below: links to past jimmy buffett posts

i couldn't get my short "fins" video to load (on blogger) i'll try to find one on youtube.  here we go (this is almost identical to the one recorded last night):

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