Wednesday, June 27, 2012

fifty shades of grey?


fifty shades of grey [i]
by dom i. nant and su b. missive

when dominant: submissive
when reason doesn’t rhyme
when love aligns with pain (the Same)
when places change (with time)

when sub and dom exchange a bond of trust along the way…
when upside-down and inside-out:
when fifty shades of grey
* what if that which appears to be dominant is, in actual-ity… submissive?

* in “fifty shades of grey”, who is straight-forward?  who is manipulating whom?  who really has the power?  who is really in control?  who submits, again and again and again?

* interpersonal relationships are never 'black and white'.  fifty shades of grey might actually refer to the norm (albeit, a moving target), while seducing our attention toward the apparently abnormal.

* what if the Uni-Verse decided to man-i-fest as multiple variants (of color, scent, and sound)?  what if we choose to look around?

* what if the Uni-Verse was a dancing play of love-ego-love-ego-love?  what if below is above?

* what if that which appeared to be love-ing was egoic (e.g. the self-absorbed ‘healer’) and that which appeared to be self-ish (e.g. the hummingbird) was looking for Union?

* what if our whole way of thinking is inside-out and upside-down, any-way?
what if pain is play?

what if the Uni-verse-All manifestation 
is both 
dominant and submissive?

* what if Every-thing is fifty shades of grey?
he appears skittish, he acts skittish, heck... he is skittish!

...but what he really, Really, REALLY wants...
 is the experience of Unified, Passionate, Love-ing Bliss.

-the end.

[i]  martino, j. (6.25.2012). book 70: Hoooooome. © 2012
* music from the cd "land of forever" by pamela and randy copus.


  1. Nice, love it! Great food for thought.

  2. hi, charlene! have you read it? all 3?