Wednesday, June 6, 2012

destin, florida

left and below:
visiting a park, with a view of crab island.

below: the beach, near the back porch,
destin, florida


 below: view from the back porch

 back on the beach
on saturday, a few of us did a "jim casey beach walk" at the air force's rec area,
just over the destin bridge on santa rosa island:

 above: tracy, kevin, eileen, pete, and mary

below: eileen
left: kevin and pete

 water fun, just before the dolphins came to say "hi" to us.
 below: this wasn't us, but it's an idea 
of how close the dolphins came to us 
(only we were waist-deep in the water, on a deserted beach):
 above and below: 
the rarely used 2nd floor (and deck) at the back porch.

 the view from the 2nd floor


  1. Hey, I remember the back porch. But it didn't have a roof on it.


  2. hi, claudia!
    that's true. the 2nd floor "porch" was completely open to the sky, and was seldom used (actually, it is still used for special events only). i actually went up there the other day and snapped a couple of photos.
    i'll add one now (for you)... look for it just under the video, in the (above) post.

  3. okay... i added not one, but four photos of the 2nd floor (couldn't stop).

  4. some things are best enjoyed... open. the back porch's upper-deck back porch is a living example of such. with memory, however, wIe can enjoy those moments, again (and again and again).