Friday, June 8, 2012

david vs. goliath?

 tonight at 7 pm (eastern time), a very young f.s.u. baseball team will face (arguably) the best pitcher in all of college baseball.'s the first game of a "best of 3" super-regional tournament, and tallahassee is one of the 8 super-regional hosts.

the 8 super-regional winners will earn the right to compete in college world series, which will begin next weekend, in omaha,'s the story, and video:

can the young men in garnet & gold somehow pull it off?  ..popular opinion says "no", but the video (at the link below) says more than a little bit about underdogs:

when you click on the (above) link, select the video "tebow's best moments". 

win or lose, the (very, very young) 2012 f.s.u. baseball team has shown an incredible amount of grit, passion, and will. be continued.

 david and goliath images

here's somebody that thinks we can do it:

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