Tuesday, May 8, 2012

to Save(or)

savor: "to In-Joy, Completely"

to Savor
by whydont wejust savor

to savor (in the morning)
to savor (in the eve)
to savor in a way that makes you never want to leave

to savor (sounds and feelings; and coloring, and flavor)
to savor every-thing Be-comes a pathway back
to Savor

* isn't it interesting that we tend to slow down, in order to savor?

* what if the High Vibrations of Spirit slow down into relative expression (as this, the relative world)?

* is it possible that wIe, the corrupted/cooperative; violent/sweet; victimized/perpetrator; good/bad; left/right; yankee/red sock; democrat/republican... that wIe -- are particularized pieces of the IS, Savor-ing?

* does Spirit "slow down" in order to experience physicality?

and if we slow down to contemplate the mysticism of this post, could we be playing the role of savor-er... ...the very cutting edge of Spirit H/Er-Self?

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