Wednesday, May 16, 2012


by terrie fied

stay away from mine...
if you want to breathe
don't you know (my spray defines) my territory?

how is it that you don't share my need to rise and fall?
maybe Now (in time) re-sign from


* the hummingbird, whether s/he knows it or not... ...needs the storm.

s/he needs to share space with her lover/adversary

s/he needs the touch of stranger
s/he needs the fact and fiction
s/he needs the dance of danger
s/he needs the contradiction

s/he needs the chase, s/he needs the space (to stop and make the call)
s/he needs the very thing s/he does not need:




 above and below: territorial
above: "greenie"

s/he (above), heretofore to be known as "redneck", 
embodies both the Alpha and the omega.

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