Thursday, May 10, 2012

a-bun-dance to dance, back-to-back?


whether it's a blueberry plant, a frog pond, an apple tree, or a human (be-ing)...
...abundance is immediately recognizable as a Law... an Is... a Way... a "given".

abundance is such that plants and animals tend to attract predators, disease and other control mechanisms that keep the population from exploding. ..when the population does explode, some phenomenon will manifest to bring the out of control -- uh, under control.

at the top of the food/consumption chain, humans have no real predators. ..when we consume mindlessly, our actions can lead to the endangerment of other species, which (event-u-all-y) may trigger the demise of our own.

if the Uni-Verse, however is One of Love and Intelligence, would other animals (like dolphins) be "higher" on the Love/Intelligence chain?

would plants be higher (than humans) on the All-i-gnment chain?

is it possible that this world One of Abundance, even when it appears as if it is not?

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