Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yoga (not) Perfection

Yoga (not) Perfection
by imano Yogi

strike a little pose
breathe a little, breathe
move (and then relax into the wonderment of Ease)
focus (and re-Member) that the process is the Way
Yoga (not Perfection) as we open (to today)

* Yoga -- is not about striking the Perfect pose, or being the Perfect person.

* moreso, Yoga (like meditation) is about catching oneself (out of All-I-gnment) and move-ie-ing toward that which we'd like to man-i-fest into our experience.

* yes, even the most highly trained yogis lose their Balance.

* the question is whether or not you (or i) strive to regain a sense of focus and flow, even as we experience what others might label "mistakes".

* do not worry:

Yoga is a process. 

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