Sunday, April 22, 2012 [1]
by u. andi asone 

who am i?
of what am i made?
why am i here?

* questions such as these are inherent to many in the human species. ..assuming, as we shall, that “i” am part of a “we” …that that “we” are part of an “I”… uh, weeeeeeeell

we’ll figure it out. ..or not.

* the “who” of the small “i” is (according to halbert dunn and others) a swirling mass of Connected sub-atomic [non]-particles, Communicating on the most extra-ordinary of levels, precise (yet able to randomize), random (yet structured to a mathematically exacting degree), and Unified (even as we must perceive “separateness” in order to read this essay).

Life: the ultimate, paradoxical Whole, co-existing as the center of its own Uni-Verse, completely dependent, inter-dependent, and inter-independent.


* could it be that “we” are “I” in particularized form? ..does not “God” man-i-fest as “sonship”?

* could we, in the same exacting way that planets and comets commit to exacting trajectories when circling within circles, be Concentrated Energy?

* might it be akin to “All-ignment” when we Concentrate?

* could Allness ever fail to be but Its Own Be-ing-ness?

* without attempting to contemplate the All, maybe “we” are here for the purpose of Be-ing, which manifests as “beings who are doing” for the express purpose of slowing down into the unfolding LOVE experience?

* could All of thIs be LOVE, experiencing HE/Rself from the perspective of a particularized self, in order to Know HE/Rself at All?

-the beginning?

[1] martineau, l. (4.22.2012).; book 70: Hoooooome. © 2012

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