Monday, April 9, 2012

right, right, right...

alternative title #1: "half moon"
alternative title #2: "four (or was it 'For'?) different perspectives"

jon (fraternity social chairman): "look, jan..there's a half-moon tonight, and it is shining bright! you want to come over??"

jan (astrology major): "no jon, it's not a half-moon.  ..what you're seeing is the sun's reflection off of the moon.  ..the moon doesn't 'shine', you silly goose."

jen (meta-physicist): "not so fast, jan..the 'moon' is just a bundle of energy -- proportionally as void as our milky too, jan, are not a 'physical' body, but a bundle of energy that has bumped-up against the apparent reflection of moon energy."

jun (an ape that has recently been trained to speak, by the anthropology department's top linguist): "no. ..what you see, jen, is 'mun', God of night.  ..he shine light when he happy, and allow us to hunt at night.  ..when he angry, it dark.  ..that is when to make the babies."

jon (full circle): "jan???"

* is it possible that each person is right, based upon his/her perspective and understanding of the situation? it possible that any given object (that can be perceived in multiple ways) can actually "be" multiple things?

* is it possible that the object isn't (Really) a 'thing' at all, but rather, the perceived..wouldn't that make the perceiver the writer of the script, the director of the move-ie, the see-er???

* why do people spend soooooooooooooo much energy attempting to be 'right', only to have to expend even more and more and more energy trying to convince others that 'his/her way' is the right way?  ..why do we seek allegiance? there safety and power in numbers?

are two, 'gathered in the name', more powerful than s/he who speaks the word alone?

in other words... do we feel better when others are on our team?

is the half-moon just a dream?

* is it possible that the very nature of the Is... is Infinite variety and exponential differentiation... maybe for the Soul purpose of Perspective

-the middle.

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