Tuesday, April 10, 2012

moving out and moving in

moving out and moving in
by mo ving

life/death is a process (we can neither lose nor win)
one home, then another: 
moving out and moving in

* at 4:29 p.m.on 10 april, 2010, i moved out of my apartment and blew it a kiss (goodbye).

* life provides us with a lot of reasons to move out and move on: maybe a house gets old, or maybe it has provided us with a sufficient batch of memories. ..maybe a lot of our friends and family have moved on, and we want to visit with them (like the good ol' days).

* maybe we've found a better house... a Dream Home that we can In-Joy Forever.

* or maybe (in a physical world of relativity), movement simply IS, and the process of moving is simply a function of the physical plane of existence.

* "moving out" doesn't have to be a bad experience. ..it provides us with an opportunity to re-Member, to re-Cognize, to re-Call, to re-Flect, to re-Deem, and to re-Lease.

* maybe we can view "moving out" as "moving in". ..maybe we can view "death" as Birth". ..maybe there is a Uni-Verse-All re-Cycling process that we, as humans, are mostly unaware of.


-the beginning.

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