Saturday, April 14, 2012

miss you

miss you
by i. nita you and nea r. miss

when i miss you (i'm lonely)
when i miss you (i'm sad)
when i miss you (depression)
when i re-Member: glad

when i miss you (re-more-seful)
when i miss you (i'm blue)
when i miss you (re-Mind-er)
when i re-Member you

* "missing" someone or something is verifiable proof that s/he or it must have been previously experienced. ..if we hadn't been Lucky enough to In-Joy the experience, then there would be no possibility of missing it.

* "missing" is a golden opportunity to re-Member, to re-Joy-ce, to re-Collect, to re-Lease, to re-New.

(already) missing you.
 (already) Loving the memories.
  (already) making the Present moment great, setting up the next (event-u-all) miss.
(already) hoping for a memorable hit, which leads to the heartfelt miss, which leads to the re-Membering.

-the beginning.

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