Tuesday, April 10, 2012

illegal procedures

it should be illegal for hospitals to minimize an elderly person's dignity by suggesting "go to" procedures that allow the gouging of insurance, hope and self-worth.

being poked and prodded is one thing (when desired), but the insertion of tubes and chemicals and masks and such -- at the expense of the patient and his loved ones -- is something that i will refuse (if given the opportunity).

don't hook me up to a machine. ..don't radiate me. ..don't chemo me.

just allow me to walk out the door -- hopefully under my own power, and allow me to rest, in Peace.



  1. I hear ya Bro. My mother passed last September. She was in a rehab facility. They found her on the floor around 4AM. Not responsive, not breathing. My parents had executed a living will years ago that included the desire to refuse advanced life support. Unknown to us the state changed laws concerning this. Regardless of what legal document a person may have executed when they were of sound mind the new requirement must be in force or they will be placed on life support. The new form must be on yellow paper. It is also signed by the persons doctor. Also, each hospital has their own form too. To get to the worse part. She passed away that morning. My father had to see her on life support until I got there that afternoon. Had to be very traumatic for him at 93 years of age. It would be a good idea for folks to check their states requirements again to ensure what they believe is appropriate really is.

  2. dear johnman,

    first and foremost... sooooooo sorry (about your mom).

    people asked me if i was going to go home "to see albert in the hospital" and there's probably no way that i could ever explain my feelings on this matter.

    my memories of my father (who is still with us as of this writing) are of he and the family, LIVING it up. laughing, joking, yelling, etc.

    the last words that he said (over the phone) to me are "i love you, too."

    what good would it be for me to visit him in the home of death and illness... a united states medical system h.o.s.p.i.t.a.l.?


    while our system might be pretty good at warding off death at the expense of drugging the life out of a person (and his family), it does little in the way of prevention, Wellness, or positivity.

    don't get me wrong -- i'm COMPLETELY supportive of everything that my family has done for al. families do all that they can do, given the system.

    if it's me, however, even if it's tomorrow... allow me to take a look outside, maybe catch a last breath of earth herself, and Transition (no questions asked). no radiation, no chemicals, no tubes, no witch-doctors who've spent 99% of their time learning about illness... and a fraction of the time practicing client-centered Wellness.

    i could go on (and on)...

    in any event:

    -Love those who you can Love,
    -say what you want to say (while you can)
    -make memories (because, outside of the Present), that's what's left
    -and re-Member the BEST of times.


    i'll always remember the times, hanging out with you and cat and sherry, your positive attitude, and your willingness to help others feel well.

    your bro,