Wednesday, April 4, 2012

creating a (m)art gallery

alternative title: "home, sweet home."

have you ever (as a "grown-up") found yourself doing what your mother used to do? it genetic, or have we somehow been brainwashed????

ever since moving away from home (to u.r.i.), i've found myself creating a living space that resembled an art gallery/museum..just like mom, i feel as though a home should be full of stories to be told over and over again.

the current hom(e)useum comes complete with a massage studio, an art gallery living room, and even a man-cave office. ..tonight, i had to place the m-art-ineau gallery on the floor, first -- in order to determine how it might look on the walls. 

more to follow...

the layout:
* 1st (ground) floor: therapeutic massage treatment suite
* 2nd floor: kitchen, living room, deck
* 3rd floor: bedrooms and (converted) office

the ground floor has a distinctly feminine/healing energy, while the top floor has a masculine/sexual energy. (not that men can't be "healers" or that women aren't sexual, of course)... but it's the energy.

the massage room showcases the following pieces of art:
  • "dolphin dance" by don d'anthony (a wedding favor from willy and judy's underwater scuba wedding (accompanied by an underwater photo of lenny, scuba-diving with the wedding boquet, playing the roles of best man and maid of honor ('s a long story)... 
  • "hands heal" by kristin dessert (hand, with healing thoughts)
  • "touch" by lenny (massage drawing)
  • "flow" by lenny (massage drawing)
  • "ease" by gratia, a 90-something year old massage client (destin beach with umbrella)
  • "healing earth" by susan, another tallahassee massage client (hoodoo formations in new mexico
  • "white and blue" (memories of the core aegean retreat, santorini, greece)
the walkway up to the second floor is lined with artwork (drawn using the john gnagy "learn to draw kit"):
  • "let is snow" (a mailbox in winter)
  • "welcome home" (maine lighthouse [not from the john gnagy kit])
  • "wooden boat" (a sunset scene)
  • "fall, back" (pumpkin horn of plenty)
  •  "rhode island red" (rooster, guarding barn)
upon ascension up to the second floor, you'll be welcomed "home" twice:
  • "home sweet home" a wall decoration that was hand-made by auntie anna.  
  • "Mom" (my mother's picture and a mother's day thoem about josephine,)

the second floor acts to merge these energies with the Union of family/friends, art and experiences.  ..two of my mother's antique mirrors act to enlarge the dining and living space. ..the entrance to the kitchen let's you know that you are walking through scorpio grounds, by:
  • "ali vs. the beatles" (one of the most fun pictures ever taken)
  • "astrological chart" (of someone born on november 6, 1958 at 12:10 p.m.)
  • "the army aviator" (fun depiction of the stereotypical helicopter pilot)
  • "ch-47 85-10" (drawing of a ch-47 'charlie-model' chinook, signed by classmates) 

the kitchen walls are graced with pictures of special friends (jean, jim, willy, pete) and family (my aunts (steffie, ann, rose, kay), my godfather (pete richie), and my football/track coach (al morro). ..there's also a thoem that features a picture of al and jo, dancing.'s entitled "save the best for Now."

the kitchen also showcases a piece from mike williams, entitled "balance of nature."

the dining/living room sport the following pieces of art:
- "sweet perfection" by joe belt (a montage of the 1999 national championship game between florida state university and virginia tech). ..the piece is signed by bobby bowden, and i ordered it shortly after talking my way into the superdome prior to the game.
- "quiet little candle" framed by jim casey (along with a thoem, a reminder of the frailty of life, and the celebration of lives lived).

the 2nd floor gallery:
  • ".us" (martineau family picture)
  • "1 + 1 = One" by cheryl huntley (painting of two trees; One Love) 
  • "secure and happy" by john martineau (a drawing of david and his dog)
  • "son of a sun" by abby williams (sunshine)
  • "great white" by john (sharks)
  • "yankee" by john (ulyisses s. grant)
  • "whale of a tail" by john (humpback whale)
  • "tall ship" by john (boat)
  • "solo" by john (lenny, on his first solo flight)
  • "coast guard house" by john (the coast guard house, narragansett, r.i.)
  • "lion king" by john (simba, with mufasa and sarabi)
  • "hot toys" by john (drawing of the 1970 mustang convertible and the 1965 cessna 172)
  • "warm as ice" by john (drawing of a Christmas wreath and sled)
  • "there's soooo much more to me" by erin pace (self portrait) 
  • "what time is it, jo?" by al martineau (engraved helm/clock) 
  • "overdunn" by clare dunn (boat)
  • "tug" by clare (boat)
  • "path to paradise" by clare (a path to the beach)
  • "where's lenny?" by donna amaral (dolphins)
  • "alter ego" by donna (a drawing of steve martineau with jim morrison)
  • "seminole dream" by steve (a dream catcher with a drawing/painting of chief osceola)
  • "wIe" by ashley martineau (lazy susan with wIe themes)
  • "covered bridge" by moi (jean has the original on her wall in tampa)
  • "thanksgiving" by jessica martineau (holiday feast)
  • "birds of a feather" by bonnie
  • "living ocean" by jerry dunn (seafloor)
  • "through the mill" by mike dunn (mill and waterfall)
  • "God" by nick dunn
  • "Merge" by melanie kimbrell (a drawing of sun/moon Love)
  • "i'll meet you in the field" (a thoem about how we've already met)
  • "good day, good thoughts, good day" (a thoem about how thoughts become things -- and versa-vice)
  • "when pawn and queen are kings" (a thoem about chess?)
  • "the indian at sprague park" (a rhode island hot plate)
the second-floor bathroom harbors a picture (taken with [and signed by] bobby bowden), a graduation gift "halftime at doak campbell stadium" (from doug pearson and wendy gilbert) and two pieces of art:
  • "chief osceola" by josephine martineau (knitted indian chief)
  • "don't step on this" by steve martineau (drawing of f.s.u. quarterback chis weinke, signed by bobby bowden)

the stairway to the third floor welcomes you with a kiss, quickly followed by "the key" by john martineau and "the path" (which is a depiction of the pathway to Here).

the third floor is patrolled by my father, and the theom is entitled: "best man." an upside-down manner, the top floor honors our grounded "earthly experiences" energy -- and exudes passion, sensuality, fun, relationships, memories, and laughter.

* the master bedroom is ablaze in the sun/moon Love theme. ..the room can (sometimes) double as a movie theater, but its main energies are rest/sleep and Union

* the guest bedroom merges two distinctly oppositical energies.  ..on the left side is my war energy (represented by military photos, drawings and documents). ..on the right side of the room is God/Goddess energy, represented by "Santuario De Chimayo" (a very holy place) in chimayo, mexico and "Mother Mary," which was given to me by josephine (with strict instructions to "pray, pray, pray and have faith").

the idea is that war energy and God energy can coexist on this, the earth plane, and that things that seem to be opposite can (in actuality) be part of the same Whole.

today's addition is a picture entitled "Spirit"," which is a photograph of the whiteboard, after a "Spirit" class (in HEA 110: personal health and wellness). ..during the class, the students teach/express, and i attempt to write their thoughts on the board).  ..wicked cool.

* the third bedroom (converted office) is the man-cave. ..surrounded by images of past experiences, the cave is the place for contemplation about the present (journaling) and the prepaving of future manifestations. ..with a 1+1= 11 = One theme, the man-cave showcases a hanging quilt of old t-shirts, a computer full of thoetry and photographs, and more than 120 photos of relationships and experiences that, while in the past, have brought me Here to this Present Moment.

the descent down (from the third floor) represents the way that i want to experience every, single day -- for the rest of my life:

"free and brave" is a hand-painted eagle (from my time in korea) that reminds me to be grateful for the opportunities that have been bestowed upon me, just by being a united states of america citizen. ..we can criticize our government as much as we want, and that in itself provides insight into the many, many freedoms that we enjoy -- right here in the good 'ol u.s.a. 

"November 27" is a red sox baseball montage that reminds me that miracles do happen.

"Namaste" (at the bottom of the second flight of stairs) is a Yoga drawing that re-minds me to "See Oneness in everyone and in everything, to See Beyond dueling dualities, and to focus on the Connectedness of All things."

if i can begin my days with this in mind, Well... only Good can come from that.


and so, my dear friends, a very short summation of the gallery/museum theme of this place that i now call "home". ..welcome -- the gallery awaits your visit.

(pictures to follow)

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