Wednesday, March 14, 2012


transitions [1]
by tran s. itioning 

no-thing ever stays the same (a spin on new positons)
Sameness is as Oneness is as Love is as

* in a world of dynamic, continuous, variety -- and infinite, exponential change, is it possible that the under-lying theme is Same-ness?

* could All of this be Love, love-ing?

* could every bit of this be One, one-ing?

* could this Whole thing be It, it-ing?

* could thIS be the IS, Is-ing?

* could the Uni-Verse be God, Godding?

Is. It. All. Good?

* top; sunrise in paradise: caye caulker, belize
* hoops: asheville, nc
* love on the beach: unknown (please help with this)
* flow-er: pura vida spa; alehuela, costa rica
* sun/moon: la fortuna, costa rica
* sunset on blanket: somewhere, hawaii
* reef magic: hanauma bay, hawaii
* boat at dock: caye caulker, belize
* surf's up: byron bay, australia
* clear, tranquil haze: cambodia

[1] martineau, l. (3.14.2012). book 69: you don’t say. © 2011

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