Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Grief

Gd grief
by g. r. ieving

although it doesn't feel good, a sense of deep relief
catharsis is a way to purge the bad into
Gd grief

* when jim casey passed away (almost a year ago), the shock and grief was hard to describe/understand. the same time, the memories of his persona allowed for an overwhelming sense of gratitude (for having known him) and appreciation (for all of the little things that we tend to take for granted).

* today, i'm making phone calls, coordinating a re-Union (of sorts) that will take place on jim's birthday weekend, in destin florida. leaving a message (for cat), at one point i couldn't think or speak or even finish the message.

* grief is a purging experience.

* the Good of it is the Knowing that, in order to grieve, one must have experienced its opposite: Joy.

here's to Jim Casey, and to the Joy that he brought to the lives of sooooooo many.


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