Monday, March 26, 2012

going "yard"

in baseball, "going to the yard" means going to the ballpark, and "going yard" means "hitting a home run."

yesterday, bonnie and i took a spontaneous trip to winston-salem, because florida state (ranked #4 by collegiate baseball) was battling out a three game series with wake forest.

even though the demon deacons prevailed 7-5, we spent the afternoon in the front row, because (for some reason) there were only 13 people in attendance.  lame fans need to wake up.

the good news is that we ended up sitting less than fifteen feet from living legend mike martin (a.k.a. "11") and listening to several of his coaching conversations with some very grown up young men.

click here for more on mike martin:

 right: team captain james ramsey hits a home run

below: the nasty demon deacon mascot accosts lenny during the 7th inning stretch.

 below: bonnie and lenny at the yard
the field was an immaculate blend of some kind of fancy astro-turf, the hot dogs were, quote: "all beef", and the sun was in-and-out all afternoon.

in all, a remarkable experience.

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