Saturday, February 11, 2012

time and space and time

time and space and time [1]
by n. o. time 

energy and matter
gravity and fun
time and space (in general), attracted (here) as One

relative con-fusion (is it science or a rhyme?)
physics and emotion (notion):
time and space and time

* in the world of einstein, material and Spiritual are United.

* in a physical universe, mathematical certainty exists -- alongside less predictable phenomena like emotion, feelings and Love.

* quantum fluctuations and sub-atomic particles (when observed) change! ..could this change in "physicality" be due to the fact that it, being observed, actually becomes more aware of itSelf?

* maybe the Play is elegantly scripted, even as we, the play-ers are allowed the freedom to ad-lib.

but what does this mean?

* it could mean that you (yes you/wIe) have the ability to alter the future in unimaginable ways, based upon infinite possibilities, using our own attention, intention and focus.

* can general relativity, quantum physics, and Love Co-exist?

* could this All be a Play on Self-Awareness? the Eternal Question:

"Who Am I?" 

* maybe wIe are the answer to the question... wIe, the tip of the T.O.E.  

[1] martineau, l. (2.11.2012). book 69: you don’t say. © 2011 note: TOE (the Theory of Everything) is that which is chased by scientists and evangelists, a moving target that morphs -- every time we attempt to observe, analyze and describe.

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