Wednesday, February 29, 2012


everything, yes every-thing... uniquely designed for its own self-interest, even if its own self interest is to Love its own... or to be philanthropic... or to be an anonymous giver... or to dedicate one's life to the service of others.

each of these, is (of Course) wholly Self-serving, so it can be said that Self-ish-ness is the path to self-Less-ness, and that the Whole Uni-Verse Is... in It-Self, In Love.

(or something like that)

every-thing is on its way... to re-Turn-ing to the Non-thing state of Be-ing, rather than do-ing. ..the leaf of a plant is symbiotic, holistic, cooperative, synchronistic and homeostatic.

in much the same way, the forces that accelerate the demise of the flow-er are (in fact) the same as those which propagate the species.

-the beginning.

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