Sunday, January 22, 2012

rest in Peace... Now?

apparent fact: each of us will rest (die), at the culmination of this life-cyle.

assumption: It's All Good (Peace, Love, Unity, Bliss, One-ness) -- meaning that the resting phase will Be Peace-Full...

then why don't we just rest Now?  
why is soooooo much effort placed into achieving 
why is sooooooooo much anxiety woven into life itself? 
why don't we take more siestas?

...or is it that the Spiritual Realm, Be-ing Rest-Full, enjoys the short-term physical sense-at-i-ons of sensory awakening?

...or maybe is it that the physical experience (here) is one of rest and action, of awake and asleep, of the good and the bad...???

is it possible that, at One Level, we are at Peace, whereas (at another level) wIe act as role-players in a reality-tell-a-vision performance fit for the Stars?

maybe apparent chaos is but a piece of Peace; maybe black holes are but In-Spirations of the Whole; maybe death is Birth; maybe it IS All One, Cosmic Joke; and maybe wIe are the Star, in the very Center of our own, personal, United, Uni-Verse-All Play.


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