Tuesday, January 24, 2012


primarily speaking...

jean and i were talking about numerous topics (as usual) last night, and two of those came together once i got home. ..after we spoke about "nonjudgment" and "the primaries," i wound up watching a lot of the florida debate (live) on my computer.

in an attempt to view the episode in a nonjudgmental manner, here's what i witnessed:

* four intelligent men, answering the most difficult of questions, on a world-wide stage.
* people who are willing to undergo intense scrutiny and criticism, because they care about a cause that they believe in.
* in addition to (the anticipated) political attacks, there was plenty of agreement.
* different people can view the same situation and come away with completely different deductions.
* we really do enjoy a lot of freedom (in this society). . importantly, we are free to express ourselves.


i'd never have the stomach nor the courage to bare it all for the masses by running for any type of political office. ..the people who choose this path certainly choose a difficult role.

it was more pleasant (for me, anyway) watching the debate from a less judge-mental perspective. ..instead of hoping that one of them would "goof," i found myself listening... and tapping into the heartfelt messages that these candidates were trying to convey.

i happen to like our sitting president, and my belief is that it is difficult for any leader (in our system) to enact necessary changes without cooperation. ..that's my bias.

while it might be difficult to view future debates and commercials in a nonjudgmental light, i must admit that (primarily) the observation process was easier (and less primal) for at least one night.

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