Sunday, January 22, 2012

goodbye, joe pa

what i choose to remember about joe pa:

* his putting education up there with winning, in a sport where it's all about winning.

* his legendary battle with coach bobby bowden (to be the winningest coach in n.c.a.a. division I history)... and to the way that they both downplayed it.

* one of my best friends met him (at a wedding), and says that he's a "down to earth" guy. .let's remember the Good about the man, instead of judging.

in a world where the media will pick you clean; in a world where everyone gets to judge, without having any idea of the totality of any situation; in a world where the benefits of fame ride in the same roller-coaster seat as the drawbacks of fame...

i can only say "rest in peace, joe pa."


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