Monday, January 16, 2012

asheville, nc (yesterday)

on friday, i made my way toward asheville, nc (via hickory, nc).  on satruday, asheville's first stop was at "points of light", where yours truly purchased a "crystal singing bowl."

what is a crystal singing bowl, you ask?

then it was off to town, to "a far away place" where i picked up a chime (to begin/end yoga class with).

the yellow sign in the window says: 
"there are only four questions in life:
* what is sacred?
* of what is the Spirit made?
* what is worth living for?
* what is worth dying for?
and the answer to these is the same:
only Love"
-johnny depp, in don juan demarco

everyone was sooo friendly and helpful (turning me on to some great yoga music and funky weight training music) that i eased on through the doorway to "world coffee."

when i complimented a street artist (mike) on his work, he said that he could create an original for me, so i showed him the wIe logo and we made a deal. 

below, mike (at world coffee) shows his version of "wIe"

the ride home...
asheville, nc (wicked cool!)

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