Sunday, December 18, 2011

home purchasing

what is most important when purchasing a home?

* location?
-to work
-to frequently visited places facilities
...restaurants, cafes
...entertainment (e.g. whitewater center)
-to friends/family (is the home accessible for them?)

* cost?
-mortgage, interest and taxes (monthly payment)
-homeowner's association fees (add to monthly payment)
-hidden costs (utilities, repair...)
-insurance (flood, etc.)

* amenities?
-number of rooms
-porch, deck, space for a hot tub
-garden tub
-office space
-community pool
-ability to freely upgrade (backyard, solar, etc.)
-yoga room?

* future (as in: resale potential)?
-is the community thriving?
-will the community be thriving, several years from now?
-is the city progressive?

my current thought process is that relationships are the most important thing (in life). it Spiritual, family/friends, community, etc., a home that allows for flourishing relationships is a plus. ..this also plays into location, in terms of the possibility of a future potential romantic relationship. ..i can (easily) become a hermit, so it is important to have community.

flexibility is important, because we live in a changing world, and situations can change quickly. ..a home that would resell (or rent) quickly and easily would be a plus. ..this means getting a great deal on a home.

low maintenance is a key element, insomuch as yardwork is better as a passion, not a burden.

in the final analysis, it will have to feel right. ..this is rather strange, because (for most of my life), i was compelled to negate feelings, whereas now, feelings are the most important thing.

amazing... how a potential home purchase can reveal so much...

-the beginning

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