Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love cannot not but Prevail

e-dictionary-google definition:
pre·vail [ pri váyl ]  
  1. be stronger: to prove to be stronger and in the position of greater influence and power
  2. win through: to prove to be effective
  3. predominate: to predominate or be the most common or frequent
synonyms: triumph, succeed, be victorious, overcome, win out, conquer, carry the day, win through

 ------------------------an alternative---------------------------
Prevail: to Pre-seed the veil, and, having preceded it, to Under-stand through the veil. ..to Know that there Is no veil -- that there is no separation between that which Is, Love-ing, Spirit and that which matters.

that which Prevails does not "defeat" or "dominate."  ..It doesn't judge, or condemn, or enact vengeance.

Love Pre-vails, but not by trying...
Love Pre-vails, but never at the expense of another...
Love Pre-vails, be-Cause Love Is the All, and because Allness was and Is, prior to the illusion of the veil...
Love Pre-vails, because my mother said so...
Love Pre-vails, Be-Cause Love cannot not, Be-Cause no veil could ever keep the All away from It-Self.
Love Prevails.

-the end/beginning/end/beginning...

what is the veil?

simply put, it is the apparent separation. ..it is that which allows Oneness to experience relativity, and therefore Infinite Variety via differentiation. ..the veil is the cloud, temporarily obscuring the Sun-Light. ..the veil is the screen, amplifying the projection and allowing for sense-ation.

the veil (sometimes called the ego) is not an adversary to be battled, but rather a doorway to dream sense-ational dreams...
...while (All the while) being tucked away Safe and Secure, at Home.

(just thoughts)

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