Tuesday, November 29, 2011

life begins at 40, but...

...but the brain ends at 53.

the proof?

1. last tuesday evening, on my way to work, it became apparent that i left part of my brother-in-law's Gift Exchange gift (a compact disc) in the cd burner at home.  (darn!)  

2. later on tuesday evening, as i was in line to depart from charlotte to providence on a 10:05 pm flight, i realized that i'd left my carry-on bag in the parking lot (by my car). ..luckily, we made a few phone calls, and they finally found the bag on wednesday morning. ..everything was still in it, and i picked it up at the lost and found yesterday, upon return.

3. sunday, i was supposed to bring a package to my sister clare's house. ..my brother (john) drove me there, and i soon realized that i'd forgotten the package back at my parent's place. ..john and i had to run a few errands, so clare went to my parents house to get the package. ..after looking throughout the house, they concluded that the package wasn't there. ..a couple of phone calls later, john and i realized that we had, in fact, brought the package to clare's in the first place. ..it was behind the front seat in john's car.  (ooops!)

4. a monday morning wake-up at 3 am is no picnic, but that's no excuse for packing 10 copies of pictures that i was supposed to leave for my niece. (yikes!)

5. and, finally... (drum roll, please)... at the airport on monday morning, at 4:30 am, at the do-it-yourself ticket machine... i was about to print the ticket when the machine asked if i'd like to switch to an earlier flight than my scheduled 6:40 takeoff. ..i thought "that's odd," considering no other flights would depart between 4:30 a.m. and 6-- uh, oh! ..yes, sport fans, i had unknowingly booked a 6:40 pm flight, and i had to be at work in charlotte by 10 a.m.! ..everything (all day) was overbooked!

(can i say it?  damn!)

luckily, u.s. airways allowed me to wait (on standby) for a 6:10 a.m. flight (which was overbooked by 4). ..Divine Intervention intervened, and no less than 4 people were "no shows," so i got the last available seat on the first flight out.

summary: if you think that your mind is going, do not worry -- there are other minds (out there) that are already gone.

-the end.

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