Wednesday, November 30, 2011

life begins at 40 (again and again)

this is a story about a coffee mug, and it's journey.
if you clicked on the story at the link (above), then the pictures (below) will make sense.
(click on any pic, to enlarge)

1985-1996 (from hughie williams to his brother mike williams):

1996-1998 (from mike williams to his "brother,"  
lenny martineau):
..........1998-2000 (from lenny martineau to his brother, joe martineau):

2000-2006 (from joe martineau to his brother, john martineau):

2006-2008 (from john martineau to his brother, steve martineau):

2008-2011 (from steve martineau to his nephew, mike dunn):

where does the cup go from here? will be interesting to follow the storyline.
one thing is for sure: this cup has welcomed more 40th birthdays than it ever could have imagined.
here's to the present (and future) recipients, may they sip and smile.

check out clare's blog post about the cup, below:

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