Monday, October 31, 2011

holy chemicals, batman!

as it is halloween...

does anyone remember the batman movie when the joker (played by jack nicholson) "poisoned" gotham city by putting toxins into health care products?

color me skeptical, but (at times), fiction has basis in fact:

in a world where individuals produce 0% of what we consume -- a world where the known purpose of a corporation is to make $$$ (not to protect the public) --  what's in your _________________?

fill in the blank:
  • toothpaste
  • soda pop
  • halloween candy
  • genetically modified apple
  • beef
  • chicken
  • soap
  • water???
the list (of course) could go on and on and on. ..known toxins, unnecessarily placed into products that will seep through the skin (the largest organ in the human body) of a baby...

...should never come as a surprise to humans, who have been served-up consumable toxins [hundreds of addictive chemicals in a cigarette?] since corporations first incorporated.

happy shopping :)

okay, i won't just leave you with that. ..what can we do?

we Know what we can do. 
we can make the better (usually more natural) purchase choice, 
given the option.

since every purchase is a vote, and since a corporation's sole purpose is to make money, the quickest way to evoke change is to purchase the healthier product. ..yes, yes, yes, it may take a little more time/research on each individual's part, but some options (free range vs. factory farmed) are obvious.

already, you can hear the chorus: "but it costs more!"
(as they pay for their big screens, gulp soda, and vote for cheap, fast toxic food)

individual votes/purchases have changed the world, and can change the world. can wIe change our own little Uni-Verse, today?

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