Tuesday, November 15, 2011

dark side of the moon

by Al L. Light

rotate on an axis
save a little (face)
sunshine mixed with gravity in very funny space
oppositicality, no matter day or night
we can't see it, but it's tHere, and everywhere:

* the rotation of the moon is a very interesting phenomenon (http://www.grantchronicles.com/astro29.htm).

* this post, however is about anything but.

* every light has a dark side, but... is the dark side Really dark? ..in Reality, darkness is a momentary illusion, due to the apparent absence of light.

* the only way (por moi) to wrap the mind around the atrocities, death, and doomsday messeges that appear during this journey -- is to:
1. re-Cognize that this is a very, very small Play in a Very Whole Playground.
2. re-Member that this is a very, tiny mo-ment in a very small Play.
3. re-All-eyes that Life doesn't end, even as this particular experience is full of beginnings and endings.

* someday (i hope) this little Play will end... resulting in a Backstage re-Union of Un-imag-in-able Connection. ..during that Celebration (i believe), that everyone (from villain to victim) will be holding hands, preparing to bow as the curtain is pulled back.

* in Truth (again, from this perspective), there is no such thing as darkness. ..shadows melt away as veils are re-moved.

* Light Is.

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