Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what if you were Miraculously Beautiful?

what if you were Miraculously Beautiful?

what if you (temporarily) inhabited a body comprised of trillions of of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs that cooperated and communicated with each other simultaneously -- so that (in every moment) the whole system would seek homeostasis, ease and healing?

what if this "body" was created by the thoughts and emotions of y/our mind, and what if that mind was a mere extension of a Superconscious Soul that allowed you to experience the apparent chills and spills of a physical world -- while Peace-fully Be-ing your Soul reason for Being?

what if that (apparently individual) Soul wasn't (really) So[u]litary, and what if it was a mere atom of Light within a Majestic Dance of vibrational waves that could Create the most beautiful of colors, the most sooth-ing of sounds, the most delicious of kisses?

and what if All of thIs could manifest in such a way as to ensure that you (and your loved ones) would re-Main Completely Safe and Happy -- even as their earth-bound versions experienced the ebb and flow of good/bad, hot/cold, left/right, up/down, and us/them?

what if, amid all of the apparent turmoil, there was a Perfectly Perfect You, more beautiful than the most beautiful super-super model, more beautiful than the most color-full bird, more beautiful than the most stunning of sunsets?

and what if you could share some of that, and what if (by sharing) you experienced even more of it -- Be-Cause the interconnected nature of your Unseen Nature was Connection It-Self?

what if you were Miraculously Beautiful?

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